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Let us help you bring your idea to fruition in Venice. Venice provides the perfect backdrop but is a city with a very peculiar and unique working context. It is a place like no other that requires a certain savoir-faire that we at UNTITLED have become accustomed to through our years of working here in the arts and cultural sectors, it is a city that has few secrets left for us. Thus we at UNTITLED also developed our skills as consultants at an organizational level making your art or cultural event possible offering various services:

  • finding exhibition spaces (palaces, galleries, museums, gardens, etc.)
  • helping with administrative procedures (insurance, permits, certifications, etc.)
  • providing logistics (transport, art handling, electricians, videotechnicians or any other specialized worker if needed, signage)
  • assisting with the press agency
  • finding personnel (bookshop, gallery assistants)
  • taking care of the vernissage and finissage (catering, etc.)
  • general overview, checking and maintaining the condition of the artworks/installations throughout the exhibition, providing condition reports when needed

You can combine the above mentioned various options as you wish, have the full package formula including curating and organizing, chose only curating, chose only organizing, chose only some options within each category. You are free to create the formula with better suits you and your needs.

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Forte dell’esperienza maturata dalle fondatrici all’interno di istituzioni culturali veneziane, UNTITLED si propone anche come consulente per la realizzazione e l’organizzazione di mostre ed eventi culturali, offrendo diversi servizi:

  • Ricerca di spazi espositivi (palazzi, musei, gallerie, giardini…) inediti e consolidati
  • Supporto agli adempimenti procedurali (permessi, coperture, certificazioni)
  • Supporto logistico dall’ideazione fino alla chiusura dell’evento (trasporti, installazione e allestimento, illuminazione, specifica assistenza tecnica, affissioni)
  • Supporto agli uffici stampa
  • Guardiania, assistenza al pubblico e bookshop
  • Vernissage e finissage (catering…)
  • Supervisione e manutenzione ordinarie delle opere/installazioni, lungo tutta la durata dell’evento, redazione di condition reports

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